The promise of design.
The freedom to know more.
The courage to know why.

Education is the catalyst by which knowledge, truth, lies, and the nuances that define each are exposed, embraced, and lead to enlightenment. Form & function are given meaning by design education, bettering our world and our understanding of it.


is arrived at by understanding why design matters. Design is everything, everything is design: a truth that cannot be contained, but shared, openly and enthusiastically. A fearless, focused approach to design leads to an intimate knowledge of how the world works and can be improved. Truly, the notions of design and progress are inseparable. Business, organizations, and schools have benefitted from Marc’s lucid, erudite


onto design’s place in society, and in turn, society’s responsibility to nurture design as a way of life, of uniting, informing, and contributing to the greater good.

Photography. The art and science of creating images using light.

Inspire Play Innovate with ico-D.
World Design Day.

Workshops and conferences.
9 cities – 4 continents.

Inspire play innovate

In late 2015 I started thinking about creating a series of design workshops for children. I wanted to draw on what I’d learned during my professional career of nearly two decades as an entrepreneur, designer and artist, as well as on my carefully curated concept of design, my passion for passing it on, and my pleasure in being a source of inspiration for others.

“Design as a way of thinking, as a means to innovate, and as a path to progress. Inspire and empower children to adopt innovative ways of thinking to enhance their creative confidence.”

    What motivates me most of all is the opportunity to provide other people with new ways to observe and analyse the world around them, giving them the ability to demystify design, creativity and the creative process. In order to achieve this I use design as a tool to create meaning, conquer complexity and achieve progress.

    For this approach to be effective and sustainable, I think it’s important to target those members of our society with the greatest potential to optimize it.

    Who is best able to take the design torch and run with it?


, young people, because they will be able to understand and absorb principles of design at an early age and gain an innate sense of it, allowing them to develop confidence in their own creativity and self-esteem, and making them better members of society, able to understand and hopefully resolve the increasingly

complex problems

facing our planet.

   In the fall of 2016, ico-D approached me about making my concept the theme of their 2017 World Design Day. That was the genesis of the WDD2017: Start Young series of educational workshops, which we have adapted and refined to be easily replicated in many other organizations, countries and languages


    Design as a way of thinking
    Design as a means to innovate
    Design as a path to progress

    Inspire and empower children to adopt innovative ways of thinking to enhance their

creative confidence.


    We believe that creativity alone is not enough to solve global issues, we need to arm the next generation with the skill set to think innovatively. We believe that a single shift in the way they approach challenges today can have a significant impact on the world of


That’s the key to genuine change and progress.


    By leading hands-on workshops in which children are free to explore their creative potential. By using design as a tool to: Observe → Analyse → Create → Model → Test

drift podcast

“C'est par la dérive que tout arrive” by Jonathan Belisle and Marc Kandalaft.


Meet atypical innovation gardeners that reinvent narratives and stories, people and behaviours, interfaces and interactions. "Cultivate your garden" Expect a community of experience designers, organisational poets, storytelling artists, architects and strategists who bring innovation to people and companies to start new dialogues on the near future.