Visual Art

The power of provocation.
The dialogue of desolatioN.
The beauty of discovery.

Art defies definition, and perhaps that is its definition. Ultimately, art is conception, it is revolution, it is evolution. It is a vision that communicates, captures, and creates stories, pushes perception in counterintuitive directions, and forces us to reconsider what we hold as true, beautiful, and worthY.

Photography, film, and sound design are the elements which Marc molds and shapes into bold statements chronicling the impact of humanity on nature and on itself. His art is a play-by-play of his life’s journey – the stark beauty of desolation, man’s impact on the world he seeks to interact with and yet conquer, and the role that  


, philosophy and art have in inspiring, informing, and inciting change. Visual art is his method of


– and in doing so discovers more of himself and others during the course of every project.

With my Nikon FG 1982
My very first photo (Saudi Arabia, 1984)

Cultivate your obsessions
We're all mad here, said the cat

WATER 1 – Official selection 2023
International Festival of Films on Arts